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Marriage and Parenting Classes (Tracks™)—
  Including: How to Save a Marriage, Parenting Teens, and More

Created by Knowledge Gain Learning Systems
under the direction of Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby

Self-Guided Online Marriage and Parenting "Classes"

The most successful way to solve problems in marriage and parenting is to achieve goals toward desired outcomes. At your own pace you can learn the most effective methods of achieving these goals by using the online learning techniques available only on Marriage and Family Tracks™ are self-guided classes that provide expert guidence through a unique, self-paced learning model that teaches you how to solve problems and create success.

Each Track™ has been created by a marriage and family expert and provides the expert methods they recommend to create change to save your marriage and stop divorce, discover the best parenting and discipline methods, to help struggling kids and teenagers be confident and responsible, and so much more. Click here to view program titles. Or click here to learn more about how Tracks™ work.

Online Marriage & Parenting Consulting also provides online consultations with marriage and family experts. Consultations provide solutions and answers unique to your circumstances, are private, and provide direction and tool so you can know how to better handle the issues you are faced with. Click here to learn about our marriage and parent experts.

Featured Product:"Enrich Your Marriage"


Packet  1: Focus on Love–It's Why You Got Married

Packet  2: Create an Intimate Marriage

Packet  3: Love is Found in the Greatest Feelings

Packet  4: Marriage as a Partnership: Justice and Fairness

Packet  5: Pay Attention or Pay Alimony

Packet  6: Feeling Free: What You Say, What You Do, and What You Feel

Packet  7: Sexual Communication: How Much Love Can You Receive?

Packet  8: Making Love Last: Rearing Children Together

Packet  9: Receiving Love: Completing the Cycle

Packet 10: Discovering New Rewards

Packet 11: Accept Your Differences and Use Them to Unite Yourselves

Packet 12: Empathy Limits Anger

Packet 13: Forgiveness Promises Peace


Marriage Videos: 5
Interactive Marriage Training Programs: 10
Marriage-Help Articles: 49

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